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BPO Select could be your very own Management Accountant, Financial Controller and Cash Flow Manager…all for the affordable price of a Bookkeeper.

    • All our bookkeeping staff are certified and experts in online businesses
    • Unlike normal bookkeepers by partnering with us you get free and immediate access to internal Accountants at no cost
    • We can easily set you up online and you’ll not only know your business results and Cash Flow position at all times you will be able to focus on what you do best: running your business.

Your investment for our bookkeeping services can be as low as $12 per hour ex Tax; this includes everything from payroll, receivables, payables, payroll, inventory, cash flow to BAS preparation and lodgement. We also offer discounted fees for clients who prefer fixed fee billings.

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Software set up
Free conversions and full program implementation
Accounts Receivable (Sales)
Data Entry, Quotes, Orders, Invoices, Credit Notes, Receipts, Overdues, Reporting
Accounts Payable (Expenses)
Data Entry, Quotes, Orders, Purchases, Credit Notes, Payments, Reporting
Payroll and Superannuation
Timesheets, Time Billing, Payslips, Superannuation Liabilities, End of Year Employee Payment Summaries
Bank Reconciliations
Bank Accounts, Credit Cards, Loan Statements
Preparation and Lodgement by a Registered BAS Agent
Profit and Loss
Sales > Cost of Goods Sold > Expenses > Net Profit
Balance Sheet
Assets > Liabilities > Equity
Cash Flow Management
Stock/Inventory Control
Management, Reporting, Stock Turn, Stock Take
Financial Analysis
Key Performance Indicators, Forecasts, Budgets, Targets, Break Even Analysis, Profitability/Performance
Custom Reports/Solutions/Troubleshooting

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